Training Schedule June 2010

Internal Audit & Internal Control Training

June 03-04 Auditing Investment Activities
June 07-08 COSO-based Audit
June 07-08 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Internal Auditor
June 07-08 Skills for the Beginning Auditors
June 09-10 Effectiveness Internal Control Complying Sarbanes-Oxley & SAS 99
June 09-11 Fraud Auditing: Prevention, Detection & Investigation
June 09-11 Information System Audit (Audit Sistem Informasi)
June 09-11 Risk-based Internal Auditing (RBA)
June 15-16 Corporate Governance: Practical Guide for Internal Auditors
June 15-16 Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors
June 15-16 Project Management for Auditors
June 15-17 Advanced Audit Techniques and Tools for the Senior Auditors
June 15-17 Principles of Control Self Assessment
June 17-18 A New Dimension in Operational Auditing
June 17-18 Audit Sampling: Techniques and Approach
June 17-18 How to Establish Effective Internal Controls
June 21-22 Auditing the Marketing Function
June 23-24 Continuous Auditing
June 23-25 Audit Report Writing (Included Exercises)
June 23-25 Principles of Internal Auditing

Fraud Audit & Fraud Examination Training

June 03-04 Fighting Fraudulent Financial Reporting
June 07-08 Policies and Procedures to Prevent Fraud
June 09-11 Principles of Fraud Examination
June 09-10 Executive Road-Map to Prevent Fraud
June 09-11 Laboratorium Forensic Accounting®
June 15-16 Contract and Procurement Fraud
June 17-18 Management Fraud
June 21-22 Interviewing Skills for Anti-Fraud Specialist
June 23-25 Fraud Examination 2: Techniques and Approach

Risk Management Training (LPAI & BePRO)

June 07-08 Enterprise Risk Management Application
June 09-10 Managing Risk in Asset Management
June 23-25 Operational Risk Management